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Sustainable Fort Novosel
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MISSION: In order to sustain the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Novosel's training, readiness, and quality of life needs, we will provide the guidance, actions, and customer assistance necessary to comply with all environmental laws and regulations, prevent pollution where possible, protect and conserve vital natural resources, and continually improve our operations.

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Asbestos is the name for a group of natural minerals that separate into strong, very fine fibers. Because it is heat resistant and extremely durable, asbestos has been used for thermal, acoustic, and decorative purposes, and to insulate boilers, pipes, and many construction materials and appliances.

Asbestos becomes a health hazard when it degrades into microscopic fibers. This can happen when asbestos material is crumbled, and is known as "friable" asbestos. Once emitted to the atmosphere, these fibers can remain suspended in the air for long periods of time, and can easily lodge in body tissues when inhaled. Inhalation of asbestos fibers is known to cause "asbestosis", a chronic disease of the lungs which can lead to certain health conditions.

At Fort Novosel, our older buildings may contain asbestos. Buildings built between 1945 and 1978 are most likely to contain friable asbestos. Many areas have already been surveyed and tested. Do not disturb or remove any material which is labeled as an asbestos-containing material (or which looks like it) without first contacting a subject matter expert who can advise you:

  • All military units, garrison offices, contractors and tenant organizations - contact your safety officer or environmental officer(EO)/environmental point of contact (EPOC) to initiate discussions on any issues. The organization's safety officer or EO/EPOC should contact DPW-ENRD at (334) 255-1656 to elevate and discuss necessary procedures for any issues.
  • Housing residents - contact the Picerne Housing Office.
  • To report a possible problem with existing or suspected asbestos (all buildings besides family housing): Submit a service order to the DPW Service Order Desk at (334) 255-9041/9042.

Several federal agencies are charged with regulating asbestos products and wastes. Fort Novosel adheres to all regulations listed in the references below. The different agencies are described below along with their area of responsibility:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - sets limits for worker exposure on the job
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) - regulates asbestos in consumer products (and has banned the use of asbestos in certain products)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - regulates the management and disposal of asbestos-containing material, and has set deadlines for elimination of asbestos in certain products. The EPA also requires pre-work notices and specific work practices to be used during demolition and renovation projects involving asbestos materials.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) - regulates the transportation of asbestos materials. Asbestos must be loaded, handled, and unloaded in a manner that will minimize occupational exposure to airborne asbestos.
  • States - many states and local governments have enacted standards which may be more stringent than the federal standards above.


Please see the Environmental Documents page for program-specific environmental documents and work instructions.


AR 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Chapter 9-2.b, Asbestos Management
AR 385-10 (The Army Safety Program)
40 CFR 61-763 (EPA regulations)
29 CFR 1926 and 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA standard)

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Asbestos Inspector
(334) 255-1656
Asbestos Management Control Officer
(334) 255-1656
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