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Sustainable Fort Novosel
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MISSION: In order to sustain the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Novosel's training, readiness, and quality of life needs, we will provide the guidance, actions, and customer assistance necessary to comply with all environmental laws and regulations, prevent pollution where possible, protect and conserve vital natural resources, and continually improve our operations.

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Noise Management Program

Operational noise is an inevitable result of the training that occurs at Fort Novosel.  With an operational tempo that encompasses over 25 percent of the Army’s total flight hours, a proactive approach to noise management is imperative for preventing adverse impacts to mission completion. 
Environmental noise is a concern for quality of life and the potential impact to the surrounding communities.  Operational noise has wide-reaching potential effects on a regular basis due to the frequent training missions that are conducted in such a large area of operation. 

Noise Management Team:


While primary responsibility for management of noise issues is assigned to USAACE G3, Air, the Fort Novosel Noise Management Team is composed of personnel from multiple organizations and levels of responsibility, including DPW-ENRD. The multi-disciplined team members work in concert to help ensure minimization of adverse impacts resulting from completion of Fort Novosel’s mission and the associated noise that is generated during daily operations.


The Noise Management Program Team has two main functions:

1.  Plan for and prevent adverse noise impacts resulting from training activities.  Planning is conducted on a regular basis and includes recommendations for corridors and routes within the Fort Novosel area to minimize complaints, designation of noise-sensitive and noise avoidance areas, and development and implementation of control procedures to avoid or reduce noise.  Personnel within USAACE G3, Air distribute information on the policies and procedures designed to address noise issues to all units conducting any type of training.  They also work to ensure that community members are informed of upcoming training events as well as the measures implemented by Fort Novosel to minimize the adverse impacts of operational noise.  DPW-ENRD personnel ensure noise concerns are incorporated into the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process for potential adverse impacts of projects and training events.

2.    To investigate and respond to any noise complaints received by the installation.  Noise complaints are initially handled and investigated by the noise mitigation officer.  Further investigation of complaints may be required of unit commanders if the complaint resulted from deviation from established procedures.  Airfield Division personnel act as a liaison between affected community members and the installation.

Noise Complaints:


Noise complaints can be reported to the Noise Mitigation Officer or to the Staff Duty Officer of the day.  All complaints are recorded on the Noise Complaint Form and initially investigated by personnel within USAACE G3, Air.  Additional information about noise complaints can be obtained from the Noise Mitigation Officer.

Operational Controls:


Fort Novosel has implemented operational controls that are intended to address and prevent potential adverse impacts from the installation’s training activities.  These operational controls include:

§         Fort Novosel Installation Operational Noise Management Plan (IONMP);

§         Fort Novosel Regulation 95-2, Appendix J, Fort Novosel Fly Neighborly and Noise Abatement Program; and

§         Fly Neighborly Program Guide. 

Additional References:

AR 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement, Chapter 14, Operational Noise
Technical Manual 5-803-2, Environmental Protection: Planning in the Noise Environment
40 CFR 201-211 (federal regulations concerning noise abatement)

Contact Information

Noise Mitigation Officer
(334) 255-2680
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